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Comp Screen Center

Demurrage Calculation

Excel templates and their limitations are a thing of the past. Voyager’s demurrage calculator was designed in conjunction with the demurrage experts at Haugen Consulting to be easy to understand while simultaneously being flexible enough to handle the abundance of edge cases that they have encountered over the past 20 years.

Web-Based Platform

Minimize user error and demurrage exposure by analyzing, copying, prorating, and rebilling your claims in the same place without the hassle of file management. With no local spreadsheets, you can be confident that you are looking at the most up-to-date calculation for that particular claim.

Demurrage Management

Say goodbye to managing demurrage from your inbox.  Voyager’s web-based platform allows your team to stay up-to-date on voyages, claims, and time bars without the need to stay copied on every email. Supervise your team’s demurrage portfolio with our filterable dashboard.

User Specific Dashboard

Each demurrage analysts has their own personal dashboard to keep track of their list of open claims. Spend less time scattered between claims tracking and demurrage analysis by having it all in the same place.

Claim Statuses and Time Bar Warnings

“Did we submit that claim yet?”  Voyager’s claim status system allows users to know at a glance whether a claim has been received or sent. Keep track of open claims and time bars all from the dashboard.

Claims Sharing

Improve your demurrage workflow with Voyager’s secure claims sharing system. and pass along all of the benefits of Voyager to your counterparties. Know with certainty that the documents you need are attached. Streamline the negotiations process through email tracking and secure, cloud-based document management system.

Online Sharing System

Minimize data entry and speed up the negotiations process. When you share a claim in Voyager, your conterparty can copy the calculation and make changes as needed without having to re-enter all the same timesheet information.

Cloud-based Document Management

Keep the mountain of vessel documents, survey reports, and invoices online and out of your local inbox.  With all of the supporting documents in the cloud, any user on your team can just log into Voyager and have all the information they need to collaborate with you and assist with the analysis.


Business Intelligence & Data Mining

Information on operational performance is always at your fingertips. With all of your voyages in the same place, you can aggregate historical data to gain critical insights on inefficiencies and locate the sources of your demurrage. Review your demurrage exposure, Uncover repeated issues, and calculate average operational time in minutes instead of wasting days to combine information from dozens of spreadsheets and time logs.

One-Click Voyage Reports

By taking time logs and turning them into summary reports, users can get a clearer picture of the vessel’s time at berth and find demurrage savings where excel spreadsheets cannot. Look at potential issues ranging from berth congestion to pump rates automatically with Voyager’s reports.