A Complete Demurrage Solution

Voyager was born out of the experience of Haugen Consulting, a marine logistics consultancy that has specialized in demurrage management for over 20 years.

Frustrated with the tools available, we decided to build the ultimate demurrage system, capable of simplifying the claims handling process and allowing our users to apply the same data-driven analytical techniques that HC uses in-house to manage its own demurrage claims.

  • Demurrage Workflow
    Voyager helps you create demurrage calculations faster and more accurately. Make calculation errors a thing of the past, and accurately rebill your counterparties with a single click.
  • Claims Sharing
    Managing demurrage claims can be complicated. Multiple versions of calculations, documentation, emails - these all get lost in the mix. Voyager's sharing features allow all parties involved in a claim to work in a single unified system.
  • Business Intelligence & Data Mining
    Demurrage calculations contain a wealth of untapped data. Use Insight, our demurrage analytics system, to uncover operational inefficiencies and the primary sources of your demurrage exposure.

Our Customers Say...

  • "Prior to using the software, I was relying on Excel spreadsheets and a time consuming filing system to keep track of the documents and calculations for a claim. The software provides a much more efficient tool for centralizing the files pertinent to my claims, and makes tracking the revisions in calculations a seamless process."
  • "I love the easy to use functions of the voyager. I can’t begin to tell you how much time I save. This software makes my life easier, once I input suppliers, ship owners and customer information in I can count on the fact that it is always there and I don’t have to enter the same names and address over and over."
    Maritza Castillo
  • "I have worked with Haugen Voyager for about 6 months and I am very pleased with the program. I can now run calculations in less time than I could on my Excel calculator. The print out options are fantastic with the ability to do on Excel or PDF. I strongly recommend Haugen Voyager."
    Bruce Meyer

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